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Reusable, gel-filled cold packs stand up to heavy clinical use and are easier to use than ice packs.

Clinically proven to be effective and reliable, Chattanooga ColPac® cold therapy packs come with a full one-year warranty and are constructed with a 10 mil polyurethane cover that stands up to non-stop daily use. The flexible filler nevers freezes, so the cold pack remains pliant. Each reusable pack provides up to 30 minutes of cold therapy.

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October 1, 2014 / David L. - Windham, NH

Col Pac

Outstanding gel packs! (review submitted by comment card)

Overall Rating
March 15, 2014 / Catherine

works great

This is the only CP we use. It refreezes quickly, stays pliable enough to mold around the body part. I personal have had mine for 10 yrs + and have no issues,

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