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Facilitated Stretching

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A thorough guide to PNF stretching for use in the clinic, in the gym or at home.

This updated guide is the most trusted resource for PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching: an effective method that stretches the muscle, contracts against resistance, then stretches again. The fourth edition brings PNF beyond just the treatment room, into the gym and at home.
New additions include:

  • Full-color interior
  • Graphic elements to highlight targeted muscles
  • Streamlined content with appendix
  • Instruction for incorporating PNF into non-therapy routines
  • Online Hi-Def video series demonstrating more than 90 stretches
Perfect for therapists, trainers, athletes and fitness beginners; includes sport-specific routines. Features more than 320 photos and illustrations. Softcover. 4th ed.

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