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Mulligan's SELF-SNAG™ straps enable self-treatment of back and neck pain, including headaches.

Brian Mulligan's SELF SNAG™ straps are designed to allow the clinician-trained patient to administer joint release to the lumbar and cervical regions of the spine easily and effectively. SELF SNAG straps are adjustable, do not slip on the skin and optimize leverage on the spinous process.

"It is great, having at our disposal, a treatment means to release this joint without having to resort to manipulative procedures. The Mulligan 'SELF SNAG' Strap is more effective than the towels that have been used for 'SELF SNAG' therapy for years." - Brian Mulligan

Mulligan SELF SNAG Cervical Strap
The Cervical Strap is excellent for the self-treatment of C1/C2 rotation restrictions. Resrictions at this level cause headaches, some of which can be severly disabling. The Cervical Strap is just the right width to effectively manage the transverse process of C1.

Mulligan SELF SNAG Lumbar Strap
The Lumbar Strap is thin enough to hook under the chosen lumbar spinous processes and can be held securely to get the maximum lift up on the spinous process.

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June 27, 2014 / Julie Morris Britton, CEO (R) - Eugene, OR

Tremendously eases range of motion and pain

This is the most amazing PT tool I have experienced in my many years of therapy for neck pain, stretching of the surrounding muscles, placing the misplaced disc in the neck back into position. Thus, relieving pain, restoring rotation. A professional Phys. Therapist should go through the instructions AND watch you a few times to ensure proper use and not worsen the problem. I take it with me as I travel. I have lost my first one and now ordering two, one for travel, one to keep at home. I cannot tell you enough how greatly this helps stabilize my neck pain. It works best if used DAILY as prescribed. I'm eternally grateful for this product and the self-treatment books for back, neck and limb pain (which were prescribed by my therapist).!

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