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Muscles and Meridians - The manipulation of shape

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Muscles and Meridians is a unique book that breaks new conceptual ground in the realm of human movement. Exploring the connection between evolutionary biology and Chinese meridians, the volume offers a novel and effective system of diagnosis and treatment of common musculoskeletal disorders.


  1. A wriggle in deep time
  2. Embryological morphogenesis
  3. Modelling movement
  4. Lateral contractile field (L-CF)
  5. Dorso/ventral contractile field (D/V-CF)
  6. Helical contractile field (H-CF)
  7. Limb contractile fields (Limb-CFs)
  8. Radial contractile field (R-CF)
  9. Chiralic contractile field (C-CF)
  10. Fluid field (F-F)
  11. Archetypal postures: a self-tuning mechanism
  12. Decoding the Chinese meridial map
  13. Manipulating shape Abbreviations and glossary

Softcover, 203 pages.

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