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Professional-quality foam roller designed for heavy and repeated use in multi-user environments but featuring a softer, more comfortable compression.

Soft, yet supportive, the PRO-ROLLER™ Soft stays consistent with the rest of our PRO series with its cross-linked, closed-cell construction for lasting durability. Its comfortable support is gentle on tight or rigid areas making it ideal for lying supine, yet it's functional enough for gentle massage rolling.

The soft compression also creates a more stable environment for high-risk users so that exercises are easier than on other rollers that are traditionally more firm. 

The rollers are easily cleaned using a disinfecting wipe, or a wet cloth with dishwashing or laundry detergent.

36" x 6" size available in pink marble or blue marble.
18" x 6" portable size available in blue marble.  

The shorter, more compact 18” x 6” PRO-ROLLERTM Soft is easy to carry or fit into a bag for convenient portability. It's the perfect companion for travel, taking to the gym and running/biking races. 

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Overall Rating
August 1, 2014 / Jan R. - Denver, NC

Soft blue roller

Have had spine surgeries and looking forward to great results with my new Pro-Roller Soft. Thank you. (review submitted by comment card)

Overall Rating
February 8, 2014 / T E Strand, Project Manager - Mpls / MN

Best Felt in MONTHS!

I NEVER give rave reviews but so serious this is the BEST equipment I've ever purchased for my aches & pains. Be sure to purchase the book too. My back went out & my massage therapist recommended. I WAS VERY reluctant, she said I could return. Within a 1/2 hour my hips haven't felt this relaxed & the small of my back... well, I can breathe without pain. I want to give everyone (I care about) this for their issues too. UNREAL!!

Overall Rating
November 14, 2013 / M. Irene Westlock, Therapist - Tyler, TX


To be used for stretching exercises

Overall Rating
September 18, 2013 / Kathy

Great Foam Rollers for Self Care

These softer foam rollers are much more accessible for my clients with orthopedic and nervous system issues. Most of the time after they have been on one, the first question they ask is where can I get one of these. When I brought mine home I couldn't find it the next morning because my son and my husband kept using it in different rooms of the house. Sue Gan ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM CET, STOTT Pilates Instructor

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