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Second edition of the most respected and comprehensive guide to Pilates mat work and apparatus exercise.

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World-renowned instructor and founder of BASI Pilates®, Rael Isacowitz offers an updated and expanded version of his acclaimed Pilates. Featuring the same techniques used to train the world's best Pilates instructors, this extensive guide details mat and apparatus exercises designed to improve balance, concentration, coordination, posture, muscle tone, core strength and flexibility.
Pilates features over 200 exercises and more than 50 variations. Each exercise is presented with in-depth instruction, photos, imagery cues, breathing instruction, muscle focus and objectives. After laying the foundation of Pilates with a detailed treatment of mat work, Isacowitz covers exercise on the full range of Pilates apparatus:

  • Reformer
  • Cadillac
  • Wunda chair
  • Step and ladder barrels
  • Ped-a-pul
  • Arm chair
  • Magic circle
The intuitive arrangement maximizes comprehension of Rael's expansive repertoire, making it easy to create personalized routines. Pilates also offers several mat and apparatus routines of varying difficulty that can be performed in one continuous, flowing motion. From beginner to master instructor, Isacowitz's Pilates is a quintessential asset for all levels.
Written by Rael Isacowitz. Illustrated. Softcover; 392 pages. 2nd ed.

1. Enhancing the Mind and Body
2. Alignment, Posture, and Movement
3. Powerful Pilates Practice
4. Mat Work
5. Universal Reformer
6. Cadillac
7. Wunda Chair
8. Barrels
9. Ped-a-Pul
10. Arm Chair
11. Magic Circle
12. Sample Exercise Routines
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