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Rotational Trainerâ„¢

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Build shoulder strength and stability using centripetal force; the Rotational Trainer forces the user to consistently engage muscle groups to keep the balls spinning.

Harness the healing power of the Rotational Trainer™, an ideal therapeutic device for shoulder patients. It features a lightweight bar with foam center and outermost handles. Cable holds rotatable whiffle balls on both ends. As the user rotates the balls either forward or backward on a plane, the balls generate a resistive, centripetal force that challenges the user to stabilize and strengthen engaged muscle groups.

The Rotational Trainer can be used sitting, standing, lying or in conjunction with many other tools, like stability balls and resistance bands. It's also ideal for sport warmups: baseball pitcher, football quarterback or any other throwing sport.

Learn to use the versatile Rotational Trainer with this exercise spotlight, featured in the Spring 2013 issue of PFP (Personal Fitness Professional) Magazine.

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