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The Original McKenzie® Lumbar Roll™

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For over 25 years, these lumbar supports have helped hundreds of thousands achieve freedom from common low back pain.

The Original McKenzie® Lumbar Roll™, featuring a non-wrinkle, moisture-wicking, 100% polyester removable cover, is the top-selling lumbar cushion and the ideal companion in the car, at the office or for use with any seat that does not provide adequate lumbar support. The built-in strap secures the lumbar roll to most chair backs and can even be used around the waist.

The durable, high-quality construction of these lumbar supports is unparalleled. Do not accept imitation. The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll is the only lumbar support approved for use with the McKenzie Method®.

Roll measures approximately 11" L x 4¾" dia. Strap contains latex. Made in the USA.

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Overall Rating
June 3, 2015 / Dennis Iannarelli - Maynard, MA

...Helps a lot for the bad posture back aches.

I have back problems for life. This helps a lot for the bad posture back aches.

Overall Rating
August 1, 2014 / Rochelle M., PT, Quality Performance Rehab - Fort Pierce, FL

Lumbar rolls

We love the McKenzie products!! (review submitted by comment card)

Overall Rating
July 2, 2014 / Manny - Fayetteville, NC

Good product - needs tweaking

The Roll, and the book, have been decidedly helpful for my back pain. Thank you. However, I found the strap too stretchy, making it hard to keep in place, and the fastener is frustrating. It doubles over at the end, making it a bit awkward to fit thru the slot of the matching end. It would be so much better if it had the quick release that is found today on most strap items (like on book bags and knapsacks). If they could replace the strap and change the connecters, the roll would be perfect.

Overall Rating
May 6, 2014 / Fran M. - Aston, PA

Lumbar Roll

It helps my posture. (review submitted by comment card)

Overall Rating
April 21, 2014 / Donna - Bogota, NJ

Still helping after a quarter century

I have had back pain all my life -- 65 years! Purchased a lumbar roll over 25 years ago, and it has not torn, worn, stiffened or squished down, although I have slept on it thousands of times. These days, after cancer surgery, it is even more useful, helping me get a decent night's sleep by supporting and absorbing the pressure in painful areas. I've been through the hell of cancer treatment, and the lumbar roll has made nighttime more bearable.

Overall Rating
February 27, 2014 / Cathy, Retired Law Enforcement Agent - Alexandria, VA

Can't Sit Without It

I originally purchased the McKenzie Lumbar Roll two years ago because my Physical Therapist recommended one for my car, and one for sitting at home, or taking to restaurants - - any place where I would be sitting for long periods of time. It provides the stabilization my lower back needs; I can sit for hours using the lumbar roll, and feel no discomfort. It's small enough to place in my purse, and reasonably priced so you can buy one for the home, car, and office. I can't sit without it!

Overall Rating
November 19, 2013 / Cathy Ernhart, Marketing - Wayzata / MN

An office chair lifesaver

As I’m sure many of you know, sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day is really hard on your back. I’ve had chronic low back pain for years and I’ve tried all the suggested tips. I get up and walk around every thirty minutes, my seat is at the correct height, etc. All of that helped but my back still hurt. A coworker suggested a lumbar roll for my chair and I’m truly glad I took her advice. It took a while to get used to but I’m so much more comfortable sitting at my desk now. I feel supported, I’m not as sore and I’m not stiff when I get up. Great product. I highly recommend it.

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