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Treat Your Own Back™

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Written by Robin McKenzie, this worldwide best-selling book on back pain self-treatment features home exercises designed to reduce and eliminate lower back pain and sciatica.

Helping thousands of back-pain sufferers worldwide, Treat Your Own Back offers do-it-yourself relief of lower back pain through postural changes, ergonomics and simple exercises. It offers a clear understanding of the causes and treatments of persistent back pain.
The completely revised and formatted 9th edition of the landmark patient book contains easy-to-read, updated content from McKenzie, new photos and numerous pages of education and clinically proven exercises.

Written by Robin McKenzie. Illustrated. Softcover, 112 pages.

"Robin McKenzie is the most influential person in Orthopedic Physical Therapy." - "Honoring Our Giants" survey; Advance for Physical Therapists & PT Assistants - Volume 15, No.14; June 21, 2004.

Listen to Dr. Yoav Suprun on CBS regarding the McKenzie Method

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February 11, 2014 / Kathleen A. - Twin Falls, ID

Treat Your Own Back

This book will help me on a long-term basis. (review submitted by comment card)

Overall Rating
November 19, 2013 / Cathy Ernhart, Marketing - Wayzata/MN

The title of the book says it all

Anyone with back pain should read this book! I’ve seen a lot of people and tried a lot of remedies for my low back pain, getting varying degrees of relief. Ultimately, it always came back. This book explained why I was having pain and exactly what I could do about it. What I could do about it, not someone else. This isn’t a quick fix. You have to sit right, lift right, sleep right and do your exercises, but it works. It’s not to say I never have back pain. But now when I do, I know how to make it better.

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