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An Integrated Approach to the Assessment and Treatment of the Lumbopelvic-Hip Region DVD Set - Final Sale

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This two disc DVD set is packed with approximately 4 hours of short lectures, in-depth exercise and technique instruction, and clear video demonstrations. This comprehensive resource provides clinicians with all the tools necessary to assess and treat problems in the low back, pelvic girdle and hip joints with a focus on restoring optimal function to the region. Non-returnable.

Disc 1 features: Principles, Assessment and Treatment Techniques; Assessment tests for form closure, force closure and motor control; Restoring form closure - articular mobilization and manipulation techniques; Restoring force closure and motor control - reducing global rigidity; Correcting alignment.

Disc 2 features: Treatment Techniques continued; Principles of exercise program development; Sacroiliac belts and taping; Local lumbopelvic muscle system; Coordinating the local and global lumbopelvic systems.

Final Sale.

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