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A Practical Guide to Kinesiology Taping

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Author John Gibbons provides illustrated explanations of how and when to apply kinesiology taping principles to athletes and patients.

John Gibbons, author of The Vital Glutes, provides a thorough summary of the kinesiology taping method (KTM) in this book. Written for physical therapists as well as athletes, coaches and trainers who want to have a better understanding of this method, the book explains how and when kinesiology taping should be used.
Gibbons provides simple, step-by-step instruction through the entire taping process. Illustrations drawn onto the body clearly demonstrate the application of tape for treating over 50 specific areas of pain throughout the body.
This comprehensive and practical guide is a must-have for any therapist treating athletes, patients or anyone experiencing a sports related injury.
Illustrated. Softcover; 118 pages. 

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