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Aches and Pains

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Louis Gifford’s Aches and Pains is a three-book set composed of lectures from his teachings on physiotherapy and the biology of pain.

This comprehensive book set from physiotherapist Louis Gifford was written for clinicians working with pain patients. The entertaining and instructional material is based on three courses that Gifford taught, each one a separate book:
The Clinical Biology of Aches and Pains, 392 pages
The Nerve Root, 443 pages
Graded Exposure, 480 pages

Each book contains:
Illustrative patient examples and narratives
Clinical perspectives on pain and healing / recovery science
Explanations of pain science that you can use to teach your patients
Diagrams and illustrations for greater understanding 
Lighthearted and enjoyable writing style reflective of Gifford’s charismatic teaching  

Illustrated, softcover. Non-returnable.

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