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Black & Silver AXIS®

Foam Roller BOXSALE

Black & Silver AXIS Foam Rollers are ideal for self-myofascial release on trigger points and knots, self-massage, and for rolling out tough muscle adhesions in the lower extremities.

Black & Silver AXIS Foam Rollers are durable and long-lasting and are perfect for clinics, gyms, training facilities, yoga and Pilates studios, and home use.

Silver AXIS® Moderate Foam Roller

Features a moderate density that’s the perfect blend of firm, yet comfortable, making it ideal for people of all levels.

Box of 6

SALE: $85.95  |  Reg: $125.70

Black AXIS® Firm Foam Roller

Our most firm, highest-density roller.

Box of 6

SALE: $89.95  |  Reg: $128.40

Mix and Match Box

Any combo of 6 Black & Silver AXIS® rollers

Box of 6

SALE: $89.95

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