Pain Neuroscience Education+ in VR

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OPTP is proud to work with BehaVR as they bring Pain Neuroscience Education into the world of VR.

BehaVR uses the immersive and emotive power of Virtual Reality (VR) to create experiences that educate, motivate and activate healthy behavior change.

Through the use of VR, the [PNE+] content is enhanced and 'stickier' for patients. Using this new technology plus our hands-on interventions gives patients new opportunities in curbing chronic pain.

Dr. Larry Benz
CEO, Confluent Health

Evidence-Based Platform

Based on physical therapist Adriaan Louw’s Why You Hurt: Pain Neuroscience Education System, BehaVR provides deeply engaging patient education and skills-building within an immersive VR experience.

The system refines complex neuroscience into easily internalized metaphors, examples, images and interactive elements to efficiently teach your patients what pain really is and how it works.

Experience the Advantages

BehaVR not only helps strengthen patient engagement and outcomes, but it can also help grow your business by driving more referrals and patient retention. The platform and library of evidence-based VR clinical content are ready to be deployed in your organization.

Patient Centric

  • Higher Patient Engagement
  • Fewer Dropouts
  • Improved Outcomes

Practice Growth

  • More Referrals
  • Additional Revenue*
  • Increased Efficiency

Value Based Care

  • Fewer Surgeries
  • Less Opioids
  • Patient Outcome Tracking

Patient Narratives

Motivational Interviews

Tailored Education

Assessments & Quizzes

Personalized Activations

*Therapist time adjunct to PNE+ in VR session time may meet qualifications to be billed under CPT codes.

Patient Stories

Hear from an actual patient about her experience with BehaVR and how it changed her life.

The Pain Neuroscience Education+ in VR Program

The chronic pain program is the Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE) VR Solution. The Pain Neuroscience Education Experience consists of 12 sessions (each lasting 15-20 minutes) and offers modules that educate, motivate and activate healthy behavior change. These sessions include:

  • Nervous system education
  • Pain management strategies
  • CBT: Not catastrophizing pain
  • Pain level assessments
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Patient testimonials
  • Nervous system education

Included With Subscription

Everything you need to start administering PNE+ in VR sessions is right here. Your subscription includes:

  • Pain Neuroscience Education+ Program
  • Unlimited Patients and Sessions
  • Administrative Control Panel
  • Headphones
  • Pico G2 4K Virtual Reality Headset and Controller

Pricing: $300/month

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