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Clinical Reasoning in Spine Pain, Volume II: Primary Management of Cervical Disorders Using the CRISP Protocols

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This book provides a practical, evidence-based approach designed to help professionals treat patients with spine problems.

Clinical Reasoning in Spine Pain, Volume II is the second volume in the book series by internationally recognized clinician, author, and researcher Dr. Donald R. Murphy. The book is written for chiropractors, physical therapists, medical doctors, and other professionals as well as students who study, treat, and care for people with spine problems.

The second volume builds upon the first, however, it can also serve as a standalone text for those interested in an organized, evidence-based strategy to confidently manage patients with cervical (and thoracic) disorders. Throughout the text, Murphy demonstrates how to apply his unique approach to patient care; the Clinical Reasoning in Spine Pain® (CRISP®) protocols.

In addition, Murphy takes the reader one step further by including two chapters on Case Studies in Primary Spine Care. Real-world cases are presented that illustrate diagnosis, management, and case coordination in a variety of patient scenarios from the standpoint of the primary spine practitioner.

Written by Donald Murphy, DC.

Illustrated. Softcover; 434 pages.

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