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Evidence in Motion

OPTP® is pleased to recommend Evidence in Motion (EIM) for Continuing Education, Specialized Certifications, Residencies and Fellowships. EIM is the leading provider of hybrid health care education solutions, offering an evidence-based curriculum built for health care professionals who are passionate about lifelong learning and patient care supported by the latest research.

Continuing Education

Get the tools to help you elevate patient care and improve outcomes with research-driven and evidence-based courses from EIM. A wide variety of offerings are available including manual therapy, pelvic health, dry needling, pain science and much more.

Specialized Certifications

Whether you’re headed toward board certification or specializing to treat a specific patient population, EIM’s programs will transform your practice. Specialize in lifestyle medicine, manual physical therapy, pelvic health, sports physical therapy and much more.

Residencies and Fellowships

Push yourself to perform at the highest level in your profession with fellowships and post-professional degree programs from EIM. Choose from residencies and fellowships in orthopaedic physical therapy, sports physical therapy, pain sciences and more.
Improve your patient care and advance your career with the Next Level video series from EIM and OPTP®.

This series will include interviews with EIM Educators to gain a better understanding about how their specialties and skillsets changed the way they treat patients, discussing how this has impacted their patients’ lives, along with some insights on how you can start your own journey.

Learn more and watch previous episodes of Next Level.