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Integrating Manual Therapy and Pain Neuroscience: Twelve principles for treating the body and the brain

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This new first-of-its-kind text shows how the integration of manual therapy and pain science can help clinicians provide better treatment and improve patient outcomes.

The modern clinician faces more challenges than ever before, including a worldwide pain epidemic and skepticism among critics about the efficacy of hands-on treatment. This book, written by four renowned physical therapists and pain neuroscientists, provides techniques that combine manual therapy and pain neuroscience to help practitioners meet the many challenges modern therapists face by treating the body AND the brain.
Complete with current research, Integrating Manual Therapy and Pain Neuroscience uses 12 principles of treatment to show how concepts like hypoalgesia, placebo, neuroplasticity, sensory discrimination, body schema, and therapeutic alliance can powerfully influence the outcome of manual techniques.
The 12 principles include the following:

  • Effectiveness of Manual Therapy
  • Clinical Reasoning is a Cornerstone of Manual Therapy
  • Reshaping Beliefs and Attitudes about Pain
  • Nociception and Pain are not the Same Construct
  • Language Matters
  • Nerves are Sensitive for a Reason
  • The Brain has a Body Map
  • The Importance of Hands-on Therapy
  • Trust is the Foundation of Therapeutic Alliance
  • The Importance of Assessing for Yellow Flags
  • Additional Treatments Complement Manual Therapy
  • Putting More Thought into Treatment Choices
For physical therapy students and practicing clinicians alike, this book can help practitioners meet the many challenges modern therapists face while improving patient outcomes.  
Written by physical therapists Adriaan Louw, Emilio Puentedura, Stephen Schmidt and Kory Zimney.

Softcover. 272 pages. Illustrated. Non-returnable.

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