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Lion Figurine


The LION Figurine serves as a visual metaphor for the neuroscience of pain.

Adriaan Louw’s neuroscience education books include numerous metaphors that help explain how pain works in the body, but perhaps none are more than memorable than the majestic lion.

Louw teaches us that threats like a raging lion entering the room will cause our body’s nervous system to sound an alarm. For those of us with chronic pain, this alarm results in an increase of pain.

Since our bodies are not designed to stay in this elevated state of alarm for long, we must use the techniques in Louw’s books to calm the lion and alleviate our pain.

The king of the jungle is always waiting to roar and pounce, but we can prevent pain from reoccurring if we understand how the nervous system works in the body and practice Louw’s methods.

Tame the lion! Perfect size to place on your desk at work, school or home to serve as a visual reminder of the pain metaphor.

Measures 9" L x 2.5" W x 5.5" H.

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