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Ortho PT Practice / Sacroiliac Pain Book

Sacroiliac Pain, Understanding the Pelvic Girdle Musculoskeletal Method

Provide your patients with the information, support, guidance and resources they need to be a part of the healing process and take steps to improve their health. The book Sacroiliac Pain, Understanding the Pelvic Girdle Musculoskeletal Method, by author Deborah B. Riczo, PT, DPT, Med, of Riczo Health Education, provides basic education and exercises to help patients who are suffering from sacroiliac dysfunction.

The book is based on the Pelvic Girdle Musculoskeletal Method, a program that allows the individual to use logical, sound exercises to monitor his or her signs and symptoms and approach them in a logical, sequential fashion.

This information is provided with the intent to empower those suffering with SI pain to gradually improve their day-to-day functioning and overall quality of life through exercises, breathing, stretching, and other healthy choices. The book includes the following:
  • Basic education on sacroiliac dysfunction
  • Introduction to the Pelvic Girdle Musculoskeletal Method
  • Exercises to stretch, strengthen and balance the body
  • Relaxation and mindfulness techniques for pain management
  • Information about using a sacroiliac belt
  • FAQs
  • An exercise planner
  • A stretching planner
  • A weekly log for goals

About the Author

Deborah has more than 30 years of experience practicing as a physical therapist, the majority in clinical practice at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, OH. During that time, she developed a simplified method to evaluate and treat sacroiliac/pelvic girdle pain, in which she became a leading expert – prompting colleagues and other medical professionals to begin referring difficult cases to her. In 2011, Deborah founded Riczo Health Education, and developed continuing education courses for therapists in the areas of sacroiliac/pelvic girdle pain, pregnancy/postpartum, core strengthening and breast cancer. She teaches sacroiliac/pelvic girdle dysfunction at the doctoral level, and through webinars, and was a presenter at the 2018 APTA CSM National Conference. Now she wants to share her knowledge and experience with the general public.
Sacroiliac Pain: Understanding the Pelvic Girdle Musculoskeletal MethodSM

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Customer Reviews
“This book provides very thorough information for the individual with sacroiliac pain. It includes detailed explanations and images of anatomy as well as appropriate exercises, including modifications. Thanks go out to Dr. Riczo for putting so much of her time and effort into working with this patient population . Her accumulated knowledge is now available in this user friendly book for both therapists and patients.”
“I had the pleasure of attending the course that goes with this book and have used this method since. I was super excited to see a book come out that puts it all at my fingertips. I highly recommend this method and book for clinicians to help deal with that ever bothersome SI joint. Thank You Deb for a great resource.”

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