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Handii™ Healthy Hands

There are many reasons to exercise your hands. You could be looking to relieve arthritis pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. Maybe you suffer from stiffness or a reduced range of motion that would benefit from stretching, or perhaps you’re just looking to strengthen your grip for work or sport.

These hand exercisers come in four resistance levels and provide a wide variety of benefits. Simple and easy to use, their small size also makes them portable and ideal for travel; they can be kept in a purse, gym bag or even a pocket.

Handii Healthy Hands can be used to:

  • Improve mobility and strength in fingers, wrists and arms
  • Exercise both flexor and extensor muscles
  • Aid with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Assist elbow tendinitis and tendinosis rehabilitation 
  • Help advance upper limb movement for stroke patients
  • Perform isolation exercises for wrists and fingers  

Resistance levels

(each color can also be doubled over to create extra resistance)

Yellow – Extra Light: Starting point for those with reduced range of motion or functionality; ideal for post-surgical rehabilitation or stroke patients

Red – Light: Ideal for physical therapy, as well as for those with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis

Green – Medium: More resistance for preventive care exercise; perfect for computer users and those who play a musical instrument

Blue – Heavy: For those who wish to further strengthen their grip, forearms and fingers; mountain climbers, weightlifters, golfers and other athletes

Package options

Choose from the following resistance level package options:
  • 4-pack: Extra Light
  • 4-pack: Light
  • 4-pack: Medium
  • 4-pack: Heavy
  • 4-pack: 1 of each resistance
  • 2-pack: 1 Extra Light, 1 Light
  • 2-pack: 1 Medium, 1 Heavy
All colors measure 2.5” diameter. Wash in hot or warm water.

Latex-free. Non-returnable.

Handii™ Healthy Hands


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