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Science, Theory and Clinical Application in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy, Volume 1: Applied Science & Theory

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Essential reading for clinician, teacher and student, this text (along with Vols. 2 & 3) offers decades of clinical experience and reasoning along with practical guidelines for joint mobilization and exercise rehabilitation.

The long-awaited text from the Ola Grimsby Institute gives historical and current evidence with rationale for passive and active treatments in orthopedic manual therapy. The incorporation of experience and science produce exciting new approaches and treatment principles. This is a must-have for any practicing physical therapist, manual therapist or osteopath—as well as students of these disciplines.
Part one of a three-volume set, Applied Science and Theory covers:
Models of dysfunction
Exercise design, dosage and progression
Features 275 illustrations, photographs and tables.
Written by Ola Grimsby. Illustrated. Softcover, 548 pages.
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PART I -- Science and Theory
1. A Brief History of Exercise Rehabilitation
2. Exercise for Bone Repair
3. Exercise for Collagen Repair
4. Properties of Cartilage
5. Properties of the Vertebral Disc
6. Muscle Physiology
7. Clinical Neurophysiology
8. Models of Pathology in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy
9. Nutrition Implementation for Better Patient Outcome
PART II -- Clinical Application
10. Exercise Biomechanics
11. Resistance and Equipment Theory
12. Exercise Theory
13. Functional Qualities and Exercise Dosage
14. Exercise Prescription
15. Stretching Theory and Application
16. Localization of Training
17. Exercise Progression
18. Exercise Compliance and Adherence
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