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Teaching Pilates for Postural Faults, Illness & Injury

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The Pilates technique is very much used in physiotherapy treatment, especially in remedial exercises to aid recovery and rehabilitation after surgery, as well as with back problems and sports injuries. Teaching Pilates for Postural Faults, Illness and Injury will prove to be invaluable for health professionals and trained and trainee teachers of Pilates. Pilates is a safe and effective exercise system designed to strengthen the body in a balanced way by specifically targeting and improving the function of weaker muscle groups. It emphasizes techniques for strengthening the muscles of the trunk to support the spine and thereby improve posture and shape.


  • Describes the underlying principles of the exercises in physical terms
  • Describes the treatment of common medical conditions
  • Supported by over 300 high quality illustrations
  • Provides a manual for those in the remedial health care professions, especially within physiotherapy and manual therapy
  • Illustrated. Softcover, 266 pages.

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