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High density.
High performance.

These firm foam rollers provide the highest density for deeper myofascial release on trigger points and knots and can also be used for challenging balance and core strengthening exercises.

Athletes can benefit from this firm foam roller – runners and those who play football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and even cyclists, often experience tightness in the IT band, and many suffer from Achilles tendinitis. According to Shanti Rainey, fitness trainer and creator of the ZeSa® Activator Training platforms, “The Black AXIS roller can be used to release tissue tightness, increase circulation and decrease inflammation. The reduction of inflammation on soft tissue significantly reduces pain.” In addition to treating athletes who are experiencing pain, Rainey uses the Black AXIS roller for maintenance and improved flexibility, and to help athletes prevent injury. “Athletes can use the Black AXIS roller for prehab, which can sometimes prevent injury altogether,” said Rainey.

A box of six Black AXIS rollers is regularly $126. But from now through March 31, 2018, professionals can order a box of six rollers for only $80.95. That’s a savings of over 35%. 36”L x 6”DIA
Black AXIS® Roller Box Sale

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Customer Reviews
“I love this foam roller for all the exercises I can use it for, and then be able to stretch out and do fascial release work is such an added bonus! I use my foam roller before heading out in the morning to work, for my workouts, and in the evening to stretch after a busy day. Absolutely a must-have for anyone serious about keeping in good form.”
“The black foam roller is well worth the investment! I use my foam roller almost every day to help release built up tension, stiffness and fatigue. It’s a great tool for my clients, too!”
“I have been using these foam rollers for about a decade, maybe more, and OPTP provides the most consistent product.”

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