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The Pelvic Floor Piston: Foundation for Fitness DVD

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Incontinence treatment is so much more than just strengthening your pelvic floor through kegel exercises. Julie Wiebe, PT, teaches you how to integrate your team of core muscles through exercise, posture and movement strategies to stay dry while working out and performing all your daily activities.

Incontinence treatment has too long focused on just strengthening the pelvic floor, for example, performing kegel exercises. New research shows that treating incontinence requires a "core team" of muscles, working in unison to keep you dry through all your daily motions, even working out.
By learning these concepts, exercises, movement strategies and body awareness tips, you can train your core team—including the pelvic floor—to coordinate with the piston-like, up-and-down action of your breath. This sturdy foundation will support your joints, enhance your movement and stop incontinence.
Presented by Julie Wiebe. Total run-time: 90 minutes.

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