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Thera Cane® MAX

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Collapsible, portable self-massager that delivers deep pressure to those painful muscle knots (trigger points).

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A travel-ready version of an already beloved self-massager, Thera Cane® MAX has all the features of the original, plus a portable design and a seventh massage ball that’s ideal for the back and feet. Soothe aching muscles, relieve trigger points and restore healthy function; the patented design of Thera Cane MAX delivers tremendous leverage to hard-to-reach areas.

Target trigger points and sore muscles throughout the body
  • Neck and shoulders
  • Low back (lumbar), mid-back (thoracic) and upper back (cervical)
  • Arms (biceps, triceps, forearms) and hands
  • Legs (thighs, quads, hamstrings, calves), glutes, hips and feet
Includes an illustrated user’s manual and a 25-minute interactive DVD. Made in the USA.

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