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UE Ranger® Clinical Movement Health System

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The patented UE (Upper Extremity) Ranger is an assistive-motion device that improves range-of-motion, functional coordination and strength of an orthopedic or neurologically impaired shoulder/upper extremity. This kit includes the UE Ranger and the UE Ranger Wall Mount. Non-returnable.

The UE Ranger® mimics natural multi-plane biomechanics and allows graded progressions of motor activity, for a progressive therapeutic balance of necessary support (PROM) and challenge (AAROM) requirements.
The UE Ranger is perfect for:

  •     Passive assisted ROM performed by patient (previously unachievable)
  •     Progressive active assisted ROM
  •     Open- and closed-chain activity in all planes
  •     Functional neuromuscular retraining

Why to Use the UE Ranger Movement Health System:
  •     Mirrors the properties of the motion-producing nervous system and coordinated biomechanics in a way that compliments both healing and strengthening requirements of patients and athletes
  •     Integrates neuromuscular facilitation into functionally efficient motor control
  •     Integrates coordinated motor control into compensatory free biomechanics
  •     Enhances rehab protocols addressing: sports rehabilitation, rotator cuff repairs to total shoulders, post-mastectomy, adhesive capsulitis and neurological concerns such as post-stroke, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), neural tensions and spinal cord injuries

Features a molded plastic bilateral hand support with securing strap, telescopic tubing, articulating joints and detachable base; it's adjustable for all hand sizes and patient heights. Kit also includes the UE Ranger Wall Mount and the expanded and illustrated Clinical Applications Manual and Home Exercise Program.

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