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BiofreezeĀ® Sale

New gel and roll-on formula provides a longer lasting experience and a smoother application.
—————————————————  BUY 20 ITEMS, GET 4 FREE —————————————————
Purchased and free items must be the same product and add up to case count of 12*.
Must CALL to receive offer: 888.819.0121.  No limit per practice/clinic.
363S-2 4-fl. oz. 360º Spray $10.30
373-2 3-fl. oz. Roll-On $8.95
373C-2 3-fl. oz. Roll-On Colorless $8.95
374-2 4-fl. oz. Gel Tube $8.95
374C-2 4-fl. oz. Gel Tube Colorless $8.95

More product details (you must first log in as a professional): optp.com/biofreeze-pain-reliever

Non-returnable. Health professionals only. Offer valid March 1 – April 28.
* Each product type (purchased plus free goods) must equal case count of 12. For example, buy 10 Sprays—get 2 Sprays free, and buy 10 Gel Tubes—get 2 Gel Tubes free (equals two cases of 12); or buy 20 Roll-Ons—get 4 Roll-Ons free.

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