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Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo Balance & Stability Trainers independently tilt, pivot and rotate, providing endless conditioning and rehabilitation exercises.

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Balance, stretch and strengthen

The Dynamic Duo Balance & Stability Trainers offer a truly dynamic challenge to help improve the strength, flexibility, and coordination required for balance. They’re also ideal for stretching, strengthening and rehabilitation of the foot or ankle. Use for exercises that:

  • Stimulate proprioceptors (especially in the feet) to help improve balance
  • Promote functional movement of the feet and ankles in all planes

Exercises for clinic, gym, studio or at home

The Balance & Stability Trainers can be used individually or in tandem while seated or standing. They have a slip-resistant base that allows for use on most surfaces and include a manual with exercises, including:

  • Seated Ankle Mobility
  • Standing Balance
  • Ankle Point and Flex
  • Hip Rotation

Hip rotation
Seated ankle mobility
Calf stretch
Single leg balance

Perfect for physical therapy, core conditioning, mind-body exercise and more.

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