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Eric Franklin Webinar



Using Franklin Method tools to release tension, create flexibility, and train the perfect posture

Thursday, September 24, at 11:30 am (CST)

Are you a health professional, or someone who wants to experience better health and renewed vitality by improving the way you move and breathe? This webinar is for you!

During this free 1-hour workshop, renowned mind-body educator Eric Franklin will share some of his all-time favorite ball, band and imagery exercises for the whole body and will talk about the three basic ways of incorporating exercise balls with movement for better results. He will also share tips on selecting the best exercise tools to achieve the most benefit, and will discuss what to do (and not do) when performing exercises with the Franklin Method Balls.

You will discover how to:

  • Release shoulder and neck tension
  • Create a pain free lower back
  • Discover the most effortless and efficient posture
  • Strengthen feet and ankles
  • Release tension and pain in the knees
  • Breathe more freely
  • Create balanced strength in the pelvic floor

As the founder and director of the Franklin Method, Eric has been teaching his techniques for more than 25 years. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can move and breathe for maximum benefit to your body and your life.


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