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ISPI 2017 Clinical Conference

Neuroplasticity: Reshaping the Treatment of Pain
June 9-11, 2017 | Hilton Minneapolis/Bloomington, MN

About the Event

The 2017 ISPI (International Spine & Pain Institute) Clinical Conference will focus on reshaping pain from a neuroplasticity perspective. Our increasing understandings of the functional and structural changes of the brain in people struggling with pain provide exciting opportunities to help with their suffering.

Special Topics and Lab Sessions include: Neuroplasticity and the treatment of pain, Graded motor imagery, Neuroplasticity for shoulders, Motor control, Dystonia and sensory processing disorders, Neuroplasticity and dry needling, CRPS, CLBP and Neuroplasticity, Mirror therapy, Virtual reality, Peripheral neuropathy, phantom limb and more.

Don’t miss the chance to hear from many international and nationally recognized speakers, including the following:

Paul Hodges PT, PhD, MedDr, DSc, BPhty(Hons), FACP
Siobhan Schabrun PT, PhD, BPhy(Hons)
Nancy Byl PT, PhD, FAPTA
Hunter Hoffman PhD
Steve Schmidt PT, M.Phys, OCS, FAAOMPT
Kory Zimney PT, DPT, CSMT, TPS
Louie Puentedura PT, DPT, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT, CSMT, TPS
Adriaan Louw PT, PhD, CSMT, TPS
Paul Mintken PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT
Edo Zylstra PT, DPT, OCS
Kevin Farrell PT, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT
Debra Rico PT, DPT, CSMT
Colleen Louw PT, MEd, CSMT
Rebecca Vogsland DPT, OCS, CMTPT, CSMT, TPS
Lindsay Marth MA, OTR/L, TPS

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