This four-day online course is for health professionals, coaches and trainers who want to help athletes minimize the constraints of pain and improve sports performance. The event will include lectures, panels, one-on-one interviews and Q&As with eight world-class sports and performance experts who will deliver the latest research, along with challenges and opportunities, to help guide athletes to Less Pain and Better Performance.

Live, online and TV show style broadcast in HD from Noigroup headquarters. This MasterSession will help you:

  • Understand contemporary thought on the relationships between injury, inflammation, nociception, pain, motor control and performance
  • Analyze clinical experiences through contemporary notions of human biopsychosociality and bioplasticity
  • Understand and apply, analyze and evaluate the Fit for Play model of prevention, rehabilitation, analysis and optimization of motor control and performance
  • Apply assessment, evaluation and intervention strategies to optimize clinical and performance outcomes