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OPTP Publishes New Hand Health Exercise Book

OPTP has published an exclusive new wellness book by occupational therapist Angela Kneale. Read More »

OPTP Adds New Explain Pain Supercharged to Its Extensive Collection of Pain Science Books

OPTP has added a new book to its growing collection of pain education and neuroscience works. Read More »

Why You Hurt System Goes Digital

Each purchase of the printed system now includes a digital version, bringing the popular pain education content into a format deliverable on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Read More »

OPTP Adds New Shoulder Book to Neuroscience Series

OPTP and author Adriaan Louw have released the latest book in their patient education series. Read More »

New Hand Exerciser Offers Host of Benefits

Handii™ Healthy Hands provides therapeutic and strength benefits in four resistance levels. Read More »

New Franklin Method® Balls for Fascia Release

The Franklin Mini Smooth Ball™ Set provides comfortable massage and tension relief. Read More »

New PFProp™ Strengthens the Pelvic Floor Muscles

PFProp (Pelvic Floor Prop) offers simple way to exercise muscles that are often overlooked. Read More »

New Small Health Balls™ for Soft Tissue Release

OPTP adds new Small Health Balls to the lineup; set of four mini massagers. Read More »

OPTP Releases Professional Catalog Volume 37

The catalog offers nearly 1,000 therapy and fitness products, many exclusive to OPTP. Read More »

OPTP Releases New 2017 Healthcare Catalog 15

Active Healthcare Consumer Catalog provides pricing and product information for retail consumers. Read More »

Knee Glide™ Becomes Latest Exclusive OPTP Product

Innovative rehabilitation tool provides simple yet effective exercise for knee and shoulder patients. Read More »

“Famous PTs” Visit OPTP; Create Video of the Experience

Physical therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck filmed their recent visit to OPTP. Read More »

New ActivMotion® Bar Training Manual Published

Our new and exclusive physical therapy exercise guide for the ActivMotion Bar is now here. Read More »

OPTP Publishes New Book by Eric Franklin

The Art & Science of Cueing provides movement instructors with valuable teaching secrets. Read More »

OPTP Adds New “io-ball” to Product Lineup

The “io-ball” offers exciting new possibilities for fitness and physical therapy. Read More »

New OPTP Joint Distractor™ Added to Manual Therapy Product Line

Therapists look to restore full and pain-free movement with the new Joint Distractor. Read More »

OPTP Introduces New MicroRoll™ Massage Roller

The new mini roller joins OPTP’s growing collection of travel-size foam rollers. Read More »

OPTP and Adriaan Louw Introduce New Pain Posters

The new posters expand Adriaan Louw’s collection of therapy education tools. Read More »

OPTP Unveils New Posture Brick™

Our new foam blocks offer endless possibilities for therapy, Pilates and yoga. Read More »

OPTP Focuses on Comfort with New Posture Supporter™

OPTP’s new postural awareness assistant provides supreme comfort during extended wear. Read More »

OPTP Publishes New Adriaan Louw Chronic Pain Workbook

Adriaan Louw’s Why Do I Hurt? Workbook gets added to patient education resources. Read More »

Wobblesmart® Joins OPTP Balance Product Offerings

The Wobblesmart provides six adjustable challenge settings for therapy and fitness exercise. Read More »

OPTP Introduces New ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms

Innovative balance and core strength trainer expected to arrive soon. Read More »

OPTP Healthcare Consumer Catalog 14 Published

The latest consumer healthcare catalog for individuals has been published and is now available. Read More »

ISPI 2016 Clinical Conference to be held in Minneapolis

International Spine & Pain Institute (ISPI) will be holding their annual conference in June. Read More »

OPTP Professional Catalog Volume 35 Published

The thirty-fifth edition of OPTP’s semi-annual professional catalog has been published. Read More »

New LoRox Aligned Roller™ Arrives

OPTP welcomes the new LoRox Roller, developed in partnership with Lauren Roxburgh. Read More »

New OPTP PRO-ROLLER™ Soft Half in Stock

Another elite PRO-ROLLER foam roller is added to the growing family. Read More »

LoRox Aligned Roller™ featured in LA Yoga magazine

The April 2016 issue of LA Yoga magazine featured Lauren Roxburgh and her new foam roller. Read More »

OPTP Products Featured in AMTA Massage Magazine

Feb 08 2016

Maxi and Mini Ball exercises are key to providing hand therapy and stress relief. Read More »

2nd Edition of Stretch Out® Strap Pilates Essentials Published

Nov 25 2015

Two popular favorites, the Stretch Out Strap and Pilates Essentials, come together for a new edition. Read More »

Added to the starting lineup: Franklin Tough Ball™

Nov 25 2015

OPTP will carry new Eric Franklin “Tough Ball” to expand versatile line of Franklin Method® products. Read More »

Welcome to the Family: 18” PRO-ROLLER™ Soft Makes Debut

Nov 25 2015

New 18” size roller is a shorter, more portable addition to the PRO-ROLLER family of foam rollers. Read More »

New OPTP Exclusive 4.5-Pound ActivMotion Bar®

Nov 01 2015

OPTP and ActivMotion Bar partnered to create an exclusive 4.5-pound bar for physical therapy, Pilates and golf. Read More »

Desk Pilates New 2nd Edition Released

A second edition of Desk Pilates: Living Pilates Every Day has been published by author Angela Kneale and OPTP. Read More »

New Book for Back Pain Patients Released

Adriaan Louw has released a new patient education book entitled Everyone Has Back Pain, Neuroscience Education for Patients with Back Pain. Read More »

OPTP Partners with Medical Fitness Network

Mar 13 2015

OPTP has recently partnered with the Medical Fitness Network (MFN) to help patients with chronic conditions obtain access to exercise and therapy equipment. Read More »

OPTP to Host IDEA West Workshop

Mar 10 2015

Session will focus on fitness tools and creative stretching methods that increase flexibility
Read More »

Relax and Rejuvenate with Pillows and Bolsters

Anyone who has tossed and turned on an uncomfortable bed understands the impact of cushioning on a good night’s sleep. The same holds true for those who wake up with pain after sleeping on a poor pillow or endure a massage session on bad padding. Fortunately, there are plenty of products made specifically to provide proper support during times of relaxation and sleep.
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The Unlikely Defender of the Subluxation - Interview with Gary Jacob, DC, LAc, MPH, DipMDT

As an educator, I have attempted to serve the chiropractic profession by promoting the logic and ethics regarding rehab issues. It is my responsibility to make students aware of resources for products geared toward promoting self-efficacy.
Read More »

Book Reviews: 'Your Fibromyalgia Workbook' and 'Why Do I Hurt'

Book Reviews just posted by Kristen Kwiatkowski-Digwood, MSPT, DPT, CLT on the Advance for PT website.
Read More »

New Franklin Method online course

Discover how healthy psoas muscles improve movement, stability, flexibility and balance with world-renowned movement educator Eric Franklin.
Read More »

Robin McKenzie Leaves a Remarkable Legacy

It is with great sadness The McKenzie Institute announces the passing of founder Robin Anthony McKenzie May 13, 2013
Read More »

Why Do I Hurt?

We are so excited to tell you about this new book called "Why Do I Hurt?" by Adriaan Louw, PT.
Read More »

Kinesiology Tape

Nov 06 2012 | Kevin Jardine

A crucial part of providing top level care to athletes, as well as the general patient base.
Download the PDF
Read More »

Independent Pain Management

Jun 19 2012 | Jonathan Reynolds

How new self-treatments are bringing hope to sufferers of chronic back pain.
Download the PDF
Read More »

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