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OPTP Introduces New MicroRoll™ Massage Roller

OPTP has added a new tool to its diverse line of foam roller products. The OPTP MicroRollTM is an exclusive OPTP item and is now available.
The MicroRoll is a unique addition to OPTP’s foam roller line, and unlike any other roller currently on the market. Its miniature size and light weight make it extremely portable and ideal for providing self-massage on the go, assisting with trigger point release and muscle recovery.  
At just nine inches in length by two inches in diameter, the roller is designed to conveniently take to the gym or travel with in the car and on the plane, easily fitting in a small bag or purse. It’s also small enough to keep at work for whenever tight muscles need tension relief. 
The MicroRoll also features circular ridges that provide extra pressure for deeper, more invigorating massage. Its unique combination of ridges and small size make the roller ideal for precision targeting of sore muscles in the feet, legs, upper back, neck and arms. It can be especially helpful for addressing plantar fasciitis in the feet.  
The MicroRoll is made from soft EVA foam. Despite the comfortable massage that it provides, the roller is built to withstand long-term, heavy use due to its durable closed-cell construction.
To learn more about the roller or purchase, visit the MicroRoll product page or call 800.367.7393.

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