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OPTP Unveils New Posture Brick™

OPTP has added a new tool to its diverse line of fitness and therapy products. The OPTP Posture BrickTM is an exclusive OPTP item and is now available.
Posture Bricks are designed to provide endless versatility for use in yoga and Pilates exercise. In addition, they can be used in clinical therapy and rehabilitation settings for patients to perform positioning, posture and therapeutic exercise.
The comfortable foam block Posture Bricks are available in three sizes to accommodate a variety of user heights and exercises; 12”x6”x3”, 18”x10”x2” and 18”x10”x3”.
In yoga routines, beginning yogis can benefit from a Posture Brick by using it to achieve better form, balance and alignment as flexibility progresses. For more advanced users, the bricks provide assistance in achieving proper form and better connection while pursuing more challenging poses.
In a Pilates setting, users can rely on the bricks for seating assistance to ease tension in the hips, lower back and hamstrings during movements. The Posture Bricks also provide users with numerous creative ways to enhance mat and reformer exercises while challenging core stability.
OPTP Posture Bricks are made from closed-cell, heat-molded EVA foam for supreme comfort and long-lasting durability in the studio, clinic or at home.
Learn more or purchase on the Posture Brick product page, or call 800.367.7393.  

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