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OPTP Focuses on Comfort with New Posture Supporter™

OPTP has released a new posture therapy supporter that aims to provide the wearer with greater comfort.  
The OPTP Posture Supporter is designed to assist the individual with posture alignment and support the back. It can be worn by men or women to help reduce poor postural habits, promoting awareness of spinal posture and assisting in retraction of the shoulders. 
The Posture Supporter is ideal for those who sit for long periods of time such as at a desk job, as well as those who struggle with postural alignment (i.e. forward head movement) or experience back, neck or shoulder pain.
Perhaps the supporter’s most important feature is its comfortable design that does not to cut into the arms or irritate the skin. Unique from other posture devices on the market, the Posture Supporter features padded sleeves that prevent rubbing under the arm. In addition, the soft, non-irritating monofilament and latex-free elastic also ensures comfort for extended wear.
To further ensure comfort and a proper fit, the supporter is available in six different size options. Sizes range from XS up to XXL. The Posture Supporter can be worn discreetly over underwear and underneath clothes to fit firmly on the body without being noticeable.
For more information or to purchase, visit the OPTP Posture Supporter product page or call 800.367.7393.

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