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OPTP Publishes New Book by Eric Franklin

The Art & Science of Cueing Enhances Yoga, Pilates & Dance Instruction   
OPTP has added a new instructional book to its lineup of educational resources. Eric Franklin, the renowned movement educator and creator of the Franklin Method®, wrote The Art & Science of Cueing to help yoga, Pilates, dance and fitness instructors fine tune their teaching skills.
The new book, offered exclusively by OPTP, discusses various methods of information transfer that tap deeply into Franklin’s creativity and imagination, revealing his personal secrets for teaching proper movement.
From basic concepts such as understanding the movement modality and assessing the comprehension level of students, to more elaborate techniques such as using anatomical imagery and metaphorical cues, Franklin covers a wide range of teaching topics that promote lifelong proficiency.
Vivid cues, both verbal and non-verbal, are explained so that instructors can readily incorporate them and help movement learners develop their talent. Combined with illustrations and photographs that bring the concepts to life, the book enables both beginning and master teachers to inspire their clients with efficient, tension-free movement.
To learn more or purchase, visit The Art & Science of Cueing product page or call 800.367.7393.
About Eric Franklin
Eric’s background as a dancer, along with his training under world-renowned movement imagery and conditioning specialists, gives him insight into movement therapy, dynamic alignment and how to move with maximum efficiency. His techniques have been taught at the New York University School of the Arts, Julliard School, The Royal Ballet School and the Laban Center in London.

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