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OPTP Publishes New Adriaan Louw Chronic Pain Workbook

OPTP has published a new educational resource for chronic pain patients. The Why Do I Hurt? Workbook by Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD is now available for purchase exclusively through OPTP.
The neuroscience workbook allows patients to not only better understand their pain and how it works in the body, but also track and record it through active participation, reflecting on their personal pain journey along the way.
Patients write in the workbook to monitor their pain experiences and learn how to treat their condition. The interactive exercises and hands-on tasks help them understand why they hurt and how they can lessen their pain.
The content is based on clinical scientific research and centers around four key strategies for recovery, also known as “the four pillars.” It features memorable, easy-to-understand neuroscience concepts and images adopted from Louw’s renowned patient book, Why Do I Hurt? The workbook can be used by itself but also functions as part of an entire unit, complementing the patient book as well as Louw’s Why You Hurt clinician system.   
The illustrated workbook is published in softcover format and is 35 pages in length. For more information or to purchase, visit the Why Do I Hurt? Workbook product page or call OPTP at 800.367.7393.
About Adriaan Louw
Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD is a physical therapist and clinical neuroscience researcher. He is the author of multiple books on neuroscience education and spinal disorders, and also teaches and presents on those topics both in the US and internationally. Adriaan is co-founder and CEO of the International Spine and Pain Institute and also maintains a clinical practice; The Ortho Spine and Pain Clinic in Story City, Iowa.

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