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Wobblesmart® Joins OPTP Balance Product Offerings

OPTP is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of a new wobble board balance product named the Wobblesmart. Wobblesmart was created by physical therapists and is produced by Wobblesmart International, a health and wellness company based in Denmark.
The Wobblesmart is unique among balance products because it combines the best features of all wobble boards in one unique design; a wooden base and adjustable rubber dome make it both durable and easy to quickly change the level of difficulty. The sturdy design makes it ideal for heavy, repeated use in a clinical setting, but also suitable for at-home use by the individual. 
The product offers a challenge for therapy patients and athletes of all abilities. The rubber dome on the bottom can be rotated to adjust between six levels of difficulty; angles of instability range from 7-22 degrees. Clearly marked indicators allow the user to quickly see which level they’re on and easily measure improvement.
Wobblesmart is ideal for physical therapy, athletic training and general fitness. Benefits of its use include improved coordination, balance, stability, core strength and agility.
Its safe, professional design also features rubber floor contact to ensure anti-slip security as well as a grip surface that allows for stable footing.
Wobblesmart joins a host of balance and stability products offered exclusively by OPTP. These include OPTP Pro Rotating Discs™, the OPTP Pro Balance Pad, OPTP Balance Beam and several others.
For more information or to purchase, visit the Wobblesmart product page or call OPTP at 800.367.7393.

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