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OPTP Introduces New ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms

OPTP has extended its product line with an innovative new piece of fitness equipment, the ZeSa Activator Training Platforms. Developed by fitness trainer Shanti Rainey, ZeSa’s philosophy is “balance is strength and strength is balance.” The Activators are in final production and are available for sale, with orders expected to ship out around mid-December.
The Activators feature rotating platforms that swivel independently from their base. In addition, the half-rounded domes provide an instability for balance challenge. This combination of rotating and pivoting allows users to move through all three planes of motion; forward and backward, side to side and rotationally, stimulating maximum muscle recruitment.
This patented design of the ZeSa Activators helps trainees achieve strength, balance and flexibility without putting undue stress on any part of the body.
Activators are sold in sets of two and can be used singly or together, providing a multitude of exercise options. They are ideal for performing multi-functional exercises like squats, lunges, pushups and planks.
Because of their exercise versatility, Activators can be used for many disciplines including physical therapy, Pilates, yoga, sports-specific training, active aging and general fitness programs.
OPTP will carry two levels of the Activators to allow for progression in any training program; Level 1 Activators feature a flatter dome (12 ½” dia. x 4” H) while Level 2 Activators have a more angled dome (12 ½” dia. x 5” H) for a greater stability challenge. Both levels feature a cushioned, comfortable and moisture-wicking surface that prevents slipping.
For more information or to purchase, visit the ZeSa Activator product page or call OPTP at 800.367.7393.

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