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New OPTP Joint Distractor™ Added to Manual Therapy Product Line

OPTP has introduced a new product for use as an adjunct to manual therapy methods, the OPTP Joint Distractor.
The Joint Distractor’s unique hook-and-loop strap design fastens a patient’s wrist or ankle securely in place, allowing for complete isodynamic joint distraction for upper and lower extremities.
Joint distraction is a type of orthopedic manual therapy that creates more “space” inside the joint complex, allowing for greater fluidity (flow of synovial fluids) and healthier movement, as well as peripheral and central nervous system effects for pain modulation.
Physical therapists, athletic trainers and fitness trainers can use the Joint Distractor to provide comfortable and effective long axis distraction therapy that promotes joint health for their patients and clients.   
When incorporated into a regular routine, the Joint Distractor helps joints function freely in all directions as intended, promoting full and pain-free movement.
Specific uses and benefits include: 
·       Post-operative joint therapy and rehabilitation
·       Osteoarthritis aid for the knee, hip or ankle
·       Post-ankle sprain rehabilitation
·       Restoration of scar tissue from injury
·       Assistance for those with lumbar radiculopathy
The Joint Distractor is designed to safely and effectively complement additional treatment methods. The comprehensive, easy-to-use system is composed of the following:
·       Secure and comfortable hook-and-loop strap for wrist or ankle
·       Three 18” cords that provide medium resistance and are removable for greater range of motion
·       Anchor for easy fastening to doorframe or solid object
For more information or to purchase, visit the Joint Distractor product page or call OPTP at 800.367.7393.

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