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“Famous PTs” Visit OPTP; Create Video of the Experience

Bob Schrupp, PT, MA and Brad Heineck, PT, C.S.C.S. have been providing physical therapy services to patients in a variety of settings over the past few decades. They have a combined experience of over 50 years in physical therapy, and are known for their creativeness in treating patients.
In 2011, they started the YouTube channel “Physical Therapy Video” to help educate their patients. The channel now has over 100,000 subscribers and nearly 20 million views.
Recently, Bob and Brad visited the OPTP office here in Minneapolis, MN. OPTP is partnering with them for the creation of a new rehabilitation product to be revealed at a later date. In-use photos were taken and demonstration videos were filmed for the new product.
While they were here, they also took a tour of our product showroom and filmed an amusing segment for their YouTube channel, entitling it, “We visit OPTP — BEST Physical Therapy & Fitness Store on the Internet, In Our Opinion.”
Watch the full video of their visit.
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