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OPTP Releases New 2017 Healthcare Catalog 15

OPTP’s 15th edition of the annual consumer healthcare catalog for individuals has been published. The catalog allows healthcare professionals to provide their patients and customers with a convenient shopping resource that promotes a more active role in home healthcare and fitness. Professionals may request copies in bulk for distribution to their patients and customers.

The catalog has been updated with several new health and wellness products, many of which are offered exclusively through OPTP. Products belong to the following 13 diverse categories:
The innovative solutions featured in the catalog represent collaboration with leading medical and fitness experts. They are designed for both fitness and rehabilitation use by consumers who aim to improve overall wellness. New and exclusive items in this volume include:
  • Wobblesmart®; an adjustable, wood construction balance board    
  • Knee Glide™; a low-impact exercise tool for rehabilitation of the knee or shoulder  
  • Small Health Balls™; set of four massage balls for soft tissue release, ideal for hands and feet
  • Why Do I Hurt? Workbook; interactive neuroscience education workbook that helps patients understand and treat their pain, written by physical therapist Adriaan Louw
You can view the catalog online or request a printed copy on the catalogs page.

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