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New Book for Back Pain Patients Released

Adriaan Louw, along with co-authors Timothy Flynn and Emilio Puentedura, has released a new patient education book entitled Everyone Has Back Pain, Neuroscience Education for Patients with Back Pain.
The book examines some of the typical myths that exist about back pain, a condition so widespread it has become known as the “common cold of the muscle-joint system.” In addition, it provides patients with simple, easy-to-apply strategies for lessening their back pain.
The easy-to-read format features illustrations and demonstrates how patients can calm their nerves to reduce pain and regain control of their lives.  
The book is part of a series from Louw that helps patients understand why they experience pain and learn how to address it. Other topics in the series include knee pain, pelvic pain, headaches and more.
Louw’s books are based on clinical research that reveals patients will feel less pain, have less fear, move better, exercise longer and show more interest in therapy when they are taught what pain actually is and how it works in the body. 
The books distill complex neuroscience into approachable language with examples, metaphors and images that patients can easily understand and concepts they can readily put into practice.
Adriaan LouwAbout the Author
Physical therapist, clinical neuroscience researcher and author Adriaan Louw PT, PhD, CSMT has been teaching throughout the US and internationally since 1996. Adriaan has authored and co-authored numerous articles, books and book chapters related to spinal disorders and pain science. He is also co-founder and CEO of the International Spine & Pain Institute. 

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