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New OPTP Exclusive 4.5-Pound ActivMotion Bar®

Nov 01 2015

Exclusive to OPTP, the new 4-foot, 4.5-pound ActivMotion Bar® is an innovative fitness bar unique from others on the market. Its internal weighted ball bearings shift during movement, producing an unstable and challenging workout. In fact, research has revealed that the bar’s “rolling resistance” activates core muscles up to 173% more than traditional fitness products.
Due to its lighter weight, the 4.5-pound bar makes it ideal for corrective exercise, physical therapy and rehabilitation as well as active aging exercise. Additional uses include Pilates exercise and golf training.
Users of all programs, ages and abilities will benefit from increased range of motion, enhanced core and total body strength, increased balance and improved flexibility.
OPTP will also carry additional weight variations of the ActivMotion Bar. These include 6, 8, 10, 15 and 18-pound bars that are designed for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for more of an exercise challenge. In addition, online educational and training videos will be available with each bar purchase. 

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