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Added to the starting lineup: Franklin Tough Ball™

Nov 25 2015

OPTP has added the Franklin Tough BallTM – Orange to its line of Franklin Method® products. The new ball measures approximately 3 ¾” in diameter and is a very firm product designed for massage of tight and sore areas across the body.
Performers, dancers and athletes who train hard will benefit from the ball’s tough, durable construction that provides intense myofascial release for muscle recovery.
In addition to deep, penetrating self-massage, the ball can also be used for performing Franklin Method movement therapy exercises such as those demonstrated in Franklin’s books and DVDs. 
The firm Tough Ball stands out among other Franklin Method products, many of which are softer and designed for gentler massage.
Franklin Method products have become popular due to their unique designs and versatility for massage. In fact, the Franklin Textured BallTM Set was featured as an ideal tool to ease soreness in Health magazine.

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