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OPTP Products Featured in AMTA Massage Magazine

Feb 08 2016

The Maxi and Mini Balls from OPTP were recently featured in an article in AMTA Massage magazine.
The article, written by Angela Kneale, OTD, OTR/L, focuses on self-care for those who work in massage therapy. The recommendations and exercises, however, can be applied to anyone experiencing or wishing to prevent pain in their wrists, fingers and hands.
The article addresses awareness of potential risks, such as environmental factors in the work space, and provides ergonomic solutions. Also covered is the topic of mindfulness, with reminders that proper breathing, posture and regular breaks for movement can be beneficial to avoid stress and tightness.
To counteract repetitive and harmful movements throughout the work day, Kneale illustrates several exercises using the Maxi and Mini Balls. She demonstrates how to incorporate quick, simple self-care activities that we can enjoy into our daily regimen, making it easy to stay committed to taking care of ourselves.
Kneale will be releasing a full-length book that addresses the topic of hand therapy exercise in 2016, entitled Mini Ball Rolling: Playful Self-Care for Happy, Healthy Hands.
Learn more about the Maxi and Mini Balls.
Read the article as it appeared in AMTA Massage in this PDF version.
 Playful Self-Care for Hands & WristsThe Author of the Article Angela Kneale is the author of the book Mini Ball Rolling: Playful Self-Care for Happy, Healthy Hands (2016). She is an occupational therapist, integrative health coach, Franklin Method® educator and certified Stott Pilates® instructor. Her professional experience includes employee wellness and industrial rehabilitation as well as treatment of individuals with chronic pain, physical disabilities and neurological issues. She is the author of seven books and specializes in the integration of movement, breathing, postural alignment and relaxation techniques for optimal health and well-being.

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