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OPTP Healthcare Consumer Catalog 14 Published

OPTP has published the 14th edition of its annual consumer healthcare catalog for individuals. The catalog showcases the most popular consumer products for therapy and fitness, providing individuals with a convenient shopping experience.
The catalog also allows healthcare professionals to provide their patients and customers with a convenient shopping resource that promotes a more active role in home healthcare and fitness. Professionals may request copies in bulk for distribution to their patients and customers.  
The catalog has been updated with several new health and wellness products, many of which are offered exclusively through OPTP. The innovative solutions featured in the catalog represent collaboration with the world’s leading medical and fitness experts.
Among the new and exclusive items in this volume are the LoRox Aligned RollerTM, a specially designed foam roller from celebrity trainer and fascia expert Lauren Roxburgh, as well as the OPTP Posture BrickTM, a foam block built for yoga, therapy and Pilates. Another addition is the OPTP MicroRollTM, a miniature foam roller designed for massage of the feet, neck and arms.  
Printed copies of the catalog can be requested online or by calling OPTP customer service at 800.367.7393. The catalog can also be viewed online. All items in the catalog are available for purchase over the phone or online. 

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