"The Performance Wedges have definitely helped me with my flexibility and mobility! Using them to go deeper into movements and stretches has been amazing!"

– Timothy, Minnesota.

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A versatile companion

Use beneath feet or hands while performing fitness training exercises, yoga poses, Pilates movements or for physical therapy sessions. Performance Wedges are sturdy enough for heavy use, yet light enough to travel with, making them the ideal companion for use at home or away. The durable, comfortable foam construction and patented contour design fits hands and feet, promoting strength and functionality throughout the body.

Benefits of use

Users of all levels can benefit from the low-impact, yet challenging movements supported by these wedges.

  • Increase core strength, flexibility and muscle endurance
  • Improve balance, alignment and posture
  • Enhance functionality of range of motion
  • Build a stronger mind-body connection

Upward-facing dog

Push up

Side plank

Plantarflexion squat

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