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Silver AXIS® Roller
Box Sale

6 Silver AXIS® Moderate density foam rollers


REG. PRO PRICE: $97.50

Sale ends February 28, 2019

New-to-market density

The newly redesigned Silver AXIS® Foam Roller features a moderate density that’s unlike any other roller available. It’s the perfect blend of firm, yet comfortable, making it ideal for people of all levels. Use it in clinics, gyms, training rooms, Pilates studios and homes.

Nothing else like it

We’ve taken the original standard-density Silver AXIS foam roller and added a little more “give.” This new-to-market density makes these rollers firm enough to get deep into tissues for myofascial release to aid in workout recovery without being too intense.

  • New moderate density
  • Firm enough to be effective; soft enough for comfort
  • Economically priced

Function and durability

These 36” long x 6” diameter foam rollers are perfect for rolling out hamstrings, quads, back, IT band, calves, arms and more. Also use them for foam rolling exercises to improve balance, stability, flexibility and function. The heat-molded foam bead construction can stand up to heavy use and is easily cleaned.

  • 36” L x 6” DIA; perfect for almost all users
  • Durable, heat-molded EPP foam bead construction
  • Ideal for beginners and experienced athletes

Featured on YouTube’s Physical Therapy Video channel with Bob and Brad, the “Most Famous Physical Therapists on the Internet.”