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Video Stretching Guide

There’s a reason why the Original Stretch Out Strap® has been trusted by professionals since 1993. With multiple loops for deep, gradual stretching of major muscle groups, the Stretch Out Strap provides greater safety, control, and effectiveness than is possible unaided. This heavy-duty strap is perfect for warm-up stretches before sports, cool-down stretches following activity, and is the ideal stretching partner for yoga and fitness.
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Learn stretching routines for upper body, lower body, warm up, cool down, runners, golfers, desk workers, back pain, better posture and more. There’s a routine that’s right for every body.
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What people are saying about the Stretch Out Strap®

“Unless you have someone helping you, you’re not getting this good of a stretch. This strap is a permanent part of my gym bag.”

— Jackie R., Recreation Assistant

“The most common cause of pain and general discomfort for people today is caused by muscular imbalance. In simple terms, we as a society are out of balance between the muscles we use and the flexibility within the joint structure of our body. One major way to assist in reducing this issue is to spend more time stretching properly and on a consistent daily basis. The Stretch Out Strap is the perfect way to do this and the guide that comes with this is outstanding. I like this product very much and find the guide to be perfect when teaching my clients how to use it. This is a ‘must have’ in everyone’s training bag, or office drawer.”

— Troy E., Wellness Consultant, Fitness Expert and Motivational Speaker

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